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Cold Planing Services

More than likely you have driven on highways and local roadways and noticed that the ride seemed slightly rougher than usual.  What you experienced was driving on a ‘cold planed’ or ‘milled’ roadway surface.  

Cold Planing is the process of removing existing asphalt off of a road surface for the purpose of:

  • Carrying out surface repairs to the pavement prior to repaving the roadway.
  • Profiling the roadway surface to improve the existing grade and pitch to ensure efficient storm drainage and improved rideability.
  • Removing existing asphalt, prior to a new pavement application, to maintain the existing elevation of the road surface and reveal on curbing and utility structures.

Brox Industries, Inc. has been providing Cold Planing services to our customers for over ten years in conjunction with delivering superior asphalt paving projects for the Massachusetts and New Hampshire Departments of Transportation, and the hundreds of cities and towns throughout these two states.

Our crews operate the most advanced equipment in the industry in order to provide a complete turn-key operation that includes the sweeping of all roadway surfaces and disposal of all materials upon completion of the project.  Brox Industries, Inc. recycles all the old asphalt removed in this process and introduces it into the new hot mix asphalt products that we produce each day.

Contact our Estimating department to answer any questions that you may have regarding cold planing on your project.